Bolognese Dagger


Our Bolognese Dagger has a 17″ blade with a wide cross guard of 7″. Flexible enough to bend but strong enough to let you know you got hit. We designed the 6″ handle and pommel to fit with SPES Heavy gloves. Soon we will be offering leather dagger frogs designed specifically to fit this product.


Descendant Leather’s Weapon Trainers are made to be used in full contact Historical European Martial Arts. The material used for the heads (striking surface) is flexible but has enough structure for manipulation techniques. The handles are cut from raw hardwood from a local lumber mill, generally, oak but rare woods can be available for custom orders.

Not only can they be used with our other polearms, but last just as long against blunted steel swords and even shields. Though most of our trainers are made for “unarmored” sparring, we can make the same trainers specifically for harnessfechten.


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